Lottery Grants

Where the money goes

Lotto New Zealand exists to raise money for community purposes.  

All profits from every ticket sold are returned to the community as lottery grants. In fact, for every dollar spent on Lotto NZ games, 73c is returned to the community as prizes or community grants – so every time you play, the community wins.

From upgrading community centres and sporting grounds to restoring national monuments, commemorating our WW1 heroes to providing support for kiwis with disabilities and funding important conservation projects – by playing Lotto you help provide essential community funding.  Good on you Lotto players!

The NZ Lottery Grants Board is also a major funder of Sport New ZealandCreative New Zealand and the New Zealand Film Commission.

In 2014/15:

  • Sport New Zealand received $39.7 million to ensure that all New Zealanders have access to sport wherever they live, whoever they are and whatever their ability
  • Creative New Zealand received $29.8 million to support thousands of arts projects throughout New Zealand
  • The New Zealand Film Commission received $12.9 million to develop and nurture New Zealand film making

Want to find out what other groups have benefited from lottery grants? Then check out some stories about how Lotto players are helping change lives throughout New Zealand or view the full list of lottery grants made each year here.

Did you know?

  •     Every week Lotto players raise over $3.5 million for community funding!
  •     Over 3,000 organisations and projects receive lottery grants every year.
  •     Lotto players have raised over $3.6 billion for Kiwi communities so far!

    How to apply for a grant

    Every year Lotto NZ transfers its profits to the NZ Lottery Grants Board.  The Lottery Grants Board is part of the Department of Internal Affairs and distributes the profits through committees for different types of funding.  Each committee has a mission, purpose and criteria. To apply for a grant, or for more information on the application process click here.

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