Official Lotto NZ App

Lotto NZ app enables you to buy your Lotto, Powerball and Strike tickets, check results and scan paper tickets.


The latest version of the official Lotto NZ App lets you create and manage a MyLotto account, buy Lotto, Powerball and Strike tickets, check Lotto results, watch a virtual draw for tickets bought online and scan paper tickets to see if you’re a winner.

Note: The Lotto NZ APP is compatible with Android 4.4 upwards and iOS 8.2 upwards.

How to install the app for Android

Note for Android users: Due to Google’s policy to exclude gambling apps, the official Lotto NZ app isn't available via Google Play. However, you can still install the app safely and securely.

To install apps not on Google Play, Android requires that you enable Unknown Sources on your device. Don’t worry, this just allows the app to function and won’t harm your phone or tablet.

  1. On your device, go to 'Settings', then 'Security' or 'Applications' (depending on your device). Once there, check the box for 'Unknown Sources'.
  2. Go to on your device.
  3. Find the download in your Notifications. If you don't see the lnz-mobile-app.apk in your Notifications area after downloading, go to your apps and tap 'Downloads' or similar (this may vary depending on your device).
  4. Remember to turn your security settings back on once you’ve downloaded the app.

Please note: By tapping 'Download now' you agree to the placement of Google Analytics cookies on your device. This app uses Google Analytics cookies to collect data on users and their browsing behaviour. The data is aggregated and anonymised, which means you cannot be identified as an individual. Further information can be found in the app's Terms and Conditions.


  1. Buy Lotto, Powerball and Strike tickets.
  2. Create and play your Favourite numbers via the app.
  3. Existing MyLotto players can login to their MyLotto account; new players can create an account.
  4. Top-up your MyLotto account, withdraw funds and view tickets.
  5. Watch a virtual draw for Lotto tickets bought online and check Lotto draw results.
  6. Scan your Lotto NZ paper tickets to find out if you’re a winner.
  7. Set up notifications so you receive Powerball jackpot reminders before a Lotto draw.
  8. Find your nearest Lotto NZ store using the store locator.
  • What's new in Version 3.0.5
    • Bug fixes
  • App version 3.0.4
    • Minor bug fixes
  • App version 3.0.3
    • Minor bug fixes and copy updates including revised location services messaging for iOS users.
  • App version: 3.0.0
    • Introduced ability to buy Lotto tickets via the app.
    • Created a virtual draw experience for Lotto tickets bought online.
    • Introduced ability to sign up to MyLotto via the app.
    • Introduced ability to manage a MyLotto account – top-up, withdraw funds, set spending limits etc. - via the app.
    • New look and feel.

    Note that 2nd Chance Draw cannot be played on the new version of the Lotto NZ App, but is still available on MyLotto.

    A guide to using the new App

    FAQs about the new App

  • App version: 2.0.2
    • Removed push notification option for Big Wednesday draw
    • Increased the limit to $20 million for Powerball notifications
    • Updated store list
    • Bug fixes
  • App version: 2.0.1
    • Introduced ability to share winning ticket outcomes via FaceBook
    • Added a competition section
    • Moved 2nd Chance entries from the Profile section to the 2nd Chance section
    • Enhanced push notifications
    • 2nd Chance Terms & Conditions included in Legal section
    • Remove permission requests for audio and video recording
    • Code cleanup and Bug fixes
  • App version: 2.0.0
    • 2nd Chance draw entry and game for non winning Instant Kiwi Tickets
    • Login and registration process to enter 2nd Chance
    • My Profile section to mange some account features and view 2nd Chance draw entries
    • 2nd Chance section where you can view the latest draw winners
    • Quicker access to scanning tickets from the home page
    • Improved FAQ section, making content easier to find
    • New push notification for 2nd Chance draws
    • Fixed bug for iOS8 users where the camera would crash the app if you have rejected camera permissions
    • Minor bug fixes
  • App version: 1.0.2
    • Issue with store data missing in offline mode has been fixed.
    • Bug and performance fixes.
    • Permissions updated so they no longer requests access to modify sound or access the device storage.