Lottery Grants

A huge variety of arts, cultural, sporting and community groups are funded by the Lottery Grants Board using the profits from lottery games.

Lottery Grants Board:

The Lottery Grants Board was set up by Parliament to benefit the community by distributing the profits from the games run by Lotto New Zealand ("Lotto NZ"). The Lottery Grants Board does this through a system of distribution agencies and committees.

In September 2011, Lotto NZ reached the $3 billion mark in lottery profits given to New Zealand arts, cultural, sporting and community organisations via the Lottery Grants Board since Lotto started in 1987.

New Zealanders strongly support this community-benefit model: that the profits from gaming should be used primarily for community and charitable purposes. 

The profits from Lotto NZ, approximately 20 cents in every dollar spent on lottery products, are returned to the community via the Lottery Grants Board.  Funding generated by Lotto NZ supports a huge variety of arts, cultural, sporting and community groups funded by the Lottery Grants Board as well as statutory bodies: Creative New Zealand, Sport New Zealand and the New Zealand Film Commission.

Find out where the money goes:

Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain announced on 17 July 2012 that $200 million in Lotteries profits from games such as Lotto, Instant Kiwi and Daily Keno would be returned to the community in 2012/2013.

$17 million has been allocated in special funding by the Lottery Grants Board to commemorate the centenary of World War One. The money will be available to fund community events and projects marking the centenary, which reflects the importance of this occasion to New Zealand.

Three statutory bodies receive 42% of the lottery grants allocation. In 2012/13 this amount will be: Sport New Zealand $34.6 million, Creative New Zealand $25.9 million, and the New Zealand Film Commission $12.1 million.

For regional allocations see

The Lottery Grants Record lists the Lottery grants made each year. For a copy, visit or call 0800 824 824.

How to Apply For a Grant:

The allocation of funds is determined by independent committees, upon consideration of an eligible application. 

Profits from the games run by Lotto NZ are distributed by the Lottery Grants Board to benefit the community.

The Lottery Grants Board does this through a system of direct allocations and distribution committees.

To apply for a grant, or for more information on the application process, go to:

Statutory Bodies:

The three organisations receiving a set percentage (42%) of lottery funding are Sport New Zealand, Creative New Zealand and the New Zealand Film Commission. They distribute that funding across a huge range of sports, recreation, creative arts and New Zealand film initiatives and programmes according to their own funding criteria. 

Creative New Zealand

Creative New Zealand is the national arts development agency investing in and advocating for the arts.

Creative New Zealand was allocated $24 million in funding from the Lottery Grants Board in 2011/2012, and close to $26 million in 2012/2013.

This funding enables Creative New Zealand to foster excellence and creativity in the arts, by supporting thousands of arts projects throughout New Zealand.

Creative New Zealand research, New Zealanders and the art: attitudes, attendance and participation in 2011 showed that New Zealanders have continued to enjoy the arts, despite the difficult economic environment.

“As a nation we continue to value the arts highly, and young New Zealanders, in particular, gain a strong sense of wellbeing from being creative,’’ says Creative New Zealand’s Chief Executive, Stephen Wainwright.

"This is despite the devastating Christchurch earthquakes and the difficult economic climate, both creating challenges for the arts sector.’’

Most New Zealanders (80%) agree that the arts define who we are as New Zealanders, and 85% have either attended an event or been actively involved with the arts in the previous 12 months.

Four out of five young Kiwis like to do creative art in their spare time, and 84% say being creative makes them feel either ‘brilliant’ or ‘really good’ about themselves.

The results show us that the arts matter to all New Zealanders – and are key to our sense of well-being and how we identify ourselves as a nation.

To see more go to

The New Zealand Film Commission

The New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) has proudly supported New Zealand filmmaking since it was established in 1978. It works to make sure New Zealand films are seen and valued, that great New Zealand stories are told through the medium of film and that New Zealand filmmaking talent is developed and nurtured.

The NZFC has been involved in developing, supporting, promoting and administering finance to hundreds of films from short films to low, medium and large budget features.  Many of those films such as Whale Rider, The World's Fastest Indian, Boy, Sione’s Wedding, Once Were Warriors and The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls are now Kiwi icons.

It frequently represents the New Zealand Government overseas, negotiating cultural agreements in support of trade talks and bilateral agreements.  Most often these negotiations centre on the creation of film co-production agreements.  To date 13 co-production agreements have been signed.

The NZFC supports films and filmmakers to hone their craft, network, share their films and compete at festivals and markets here and offshore.  As well as celebrating the art of New Zealand film, the NZFC aims to help filmmakers progress their careers and meet the right people to get their next project off the ground.  Filmmaking success leads to a strong industry.

Whether flying the flag for New Zealand film and its filmmakers here or on the international stage, the NZFC works with significant support from the Lottery Grants Board.  As a major beneficiary of lottery grants the NZFC received nearly $12 million for the 2011/12 year.

Sport New Zealand (formerly SPARC)

Sport New Zealand’s vision is to see more kids and adults taking part in sport and recreation, and more Kiwi winners on the world stage.

Sport New Zealand believes sport is an integral part of our nation’s culture and way of life. Whether we’re playing, coaching, volunteering, managing or supporting – sport helps bind our communities and nation together. Sport also enriches our economy, improves our wellbeing, helps children’s bodies and minds develop, and makes us more resilient as communities and individuals. With this in mind, Sport New Zealand seeks to ensure that all New Zealanders have access to sport wherever they live, whoever they are and whatever their ability.

Lotto NZ has been a long-time supporter of sport in this country, through its grants to Sport New Zealand (formerly known as SPARC). In 2011, Sport NZ received just over $33 million from the Lottery Grants Board and in 2012 will receive $34.6 million.

With this support, Sport New Zealand and its partner organisations, such as national sports organisations or regional sports trusts, have been able to deliver sports programmes, facilities, training and support to athletes and those that support them all around the country.  Recipients have also included schools, clubs, recreation organisations and many more.

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