1. Choose the Lotto ticket you want to receive text notifications about
2. Remind me on this mobile number:

3. Text me when the Powerball jackpot reaches:

4. Use my registered credit card for payment

terms and conditions

Here’s some more information about the service

How does MyLotto’s text service work?

When you opt in to MyLotto’s text service, you’ll receive a text message on draw days where the Powerball jackpot is equal to or higher than the amount you have set. Then you can easily purchase a ticket for the draw by replying ‘YES’ to the text.

If you don’t want to be in that draw, just don’t reply to the message.

You can unsubscribe from the service at any time in the ‘My Communications’ section of your MyLotto Account.

What messages will I receive?

When you sign up you’ll receive a text with a four-digit verification code that you need to complete your text service set-up. You’ll then receive a reminder text on a draw day when the Powerball jackpot is equal to or higher than the amount you have chosen.

If you choose to purchase a ticket, you’ll receive a text confirming that your ticket has been successfully purchased or a reason why it failed.

If you have a ticket, you’ll also receive a text letting you know that the results are available and to check your ticket.

What time will the messages be sent?

The messages will be sent around 3pm on draw days, however the time you receive the message will depend on your mobile provider.

How do I buy a ticket?

Simply reply YES before ticket sales close at 7:30pm on a draw day.

How do I stop getting text messages?

There are two ways to opt out:

Reply ‘STOP’ to your reminder text and you will be unsubscribed. You will receive one last text message from MyLotto confirming your opt-out.

Login to your MyLotto Account, go to ‘My Communications’ and click ‘STOP’ to opt out of the service.

If you just want to stop receiving the results messages, you can login to your MyLotto Account, go to ‘My Communications’ and untick the box for results messages. You will still receive the reminder messages and be able to send purchase requests.

How do I pay for tickets I buy through MyLotto’s text service?

MyLotto will attempt to buy your ticket using funds in your MyLotto wallet. If you don’t have enough money in your wallet, we’ll use your credit card to top up your account. The top-up amount will be $1 or the balance of the cost of the ticket, whichever is greater.

Do I have to use my credit card?

Yes, you must have a registered credit card with your MyLotto account.

Who pays for these text messages?

Lotto NZ will cover all reasonable costs of these messages.

Question not answered?

See our FAQs section for more details.

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  • Credit card details
  • MyLotto Text Service Terms and Conditions


    1. The MyLotto text service (“Service”) enables allows MyLotto Players to purchase a pre-selected Ticket by responding to a reminder text from Lotto NZ.
    2. These Terms and Conditions govern access to and describe the scope of the Service.
    3. In order to apply for the Service, you must read these Terms and Conditions carefully and agree that you will be bound by them.
    4. These Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with the MyLotto Terms and Conditions.  The MyLotto Terms and Conditions will apply, to the extent relevant, to the Service.
    5. Definitions

    6. Words and terms used in these Terms and Conditions are to be read either as defined in these Terms and Conditions or as defined in the MyLotto Terms and Conditions. 
    7. Registration and Eligibility

    8. Players who wish to use the Service must register on the MyLotto website.  In the registration process the Player must make selections to determine:
      1.  the thresholds for when Lotto NZ will send a reminder text message ("Reminder"); and
      2.  the nature of the Ticket that the Player wishes to purchase, including the number selections, dip selections, jackpot amount, name of Ticket etc,

      (together,  "Preferences").

    9. To be eligible for the Service, Players must;
      1. be a registered MyLotto Player; 
      2. have a valid credit card registered for MyLotto account top-ups;
      3. have a device capable of receiving and sending text messages through a New Zealand mobile telephone number; and
      4. agree to these Terms and Conditions.

      Scope of the Service

    10. Lotto NZ will send a  Reminder to a Player on the day of each Lotto draw (Wednesday and Saturday) if the jackpot has met or exceeded the Player's selected threshold for reminders.    
    11. Reminders may not be sent if:
      1. the Player has set a self-imposed exclusion period;
      2. the Player’s Account or Player Funds is suspended;
      3. the Player’s Player Funds spending limits have been or will be exceeded;
      4. the Player Funds weekly top-up limit has been or will be exceeded ;
      5. the Powerball jackpot is below the Player’s set threshold for Reminders; or
      6. the Player has made changes that are not yet fully registered in our systems.
    12. Additional text messages relating to the Service may be sent, including messages:
      1. Confirming registration or verification codes;
      2. Confirming the successful purchase of a Ticket;
      3. Advising that a purchase has been unsuccessful;
      4. Confirming that a Player’s opt out request has been received and processed; and
      5. Reminding a Player to check the draw results


    13. Players may reply to a Reminder by sending a text message response with the word "YES" to initiate a Ticket purchase on the basis of the Player's selected Preferences ("Purchase Request"). 
    14. The Purchase Request will only be processed if it is received prior to draw close on the day that the Reminder is sent.
    15. A Purchase Request does not guarantee a Ticket purchase.  A Ticket purchase is only accepted when a Ticket Number is generated and Lotto NZ communicates this by receipt of a Ticket Number in the Player's Account.
    16. Once a Purchase Request has been sent there is no ability to cancel that Purchase Request.
    17. The Ticket will be purchased with funds from the Player Funds.
    18. If there are insufficient funds in the Player Funds, the Player Funds will be automatically topped-up from the Player’s registered credit card.  Notwithstanding clause 89 of the MyLotto Terms and Conditions, a minimum top-up of $4 applies to any automatic top up of the Player Funds which is triggered by a Purchase Request under the Service.
    19. Only one Purchase Request can be placed for each Reminder sent. Multiple "YES" replies will not result in the purchase of any more than one Ticket.
    20. Changes

    21. Players can manage their Preferences through the MyLotto website.
    22. The registered MyLotto mobile number will be used as the Player’s contact number for the Service. Updating the contact number in MyLotto will stop this Service, and the player will need to re-start it by re-creating their Service details.
    23. Players can unsubscribe from the Service via the MyLotto website or by replying STOP to a Reminder ("STOP Message").
    24. Lotto NZ may take up to 5 working days to update all systems from the time a change is made to either the Service, Preferences or to the Ticket.  Specifically,  if a Player changes any aspect of the Service (Ticket selection, mobile telephone number, jackpot amount, name of the favourite ticket, etc.) on the day of the draw, a Ticket purchase will not be possible in that day's draw.  Except that, if a Player only changes the number of lines or selection of numbers in the Player’s Ticket in MyLotto website on the day of the draw, in that instance, the updated Ticket will be purchased rather than the Ticket specified in the Reminder.
    25. Costs

    26. Lotto NZ will pay reasonable text message costs associated with the Service.
      1. Reasonable costs include the Reminder, the first Purchase Request, any additional text messages from Lotto NZ and any STOP Message.
      2. If multiple Purchase Request texts are received in response to a single Reminder, this may be deemed unreasonable at Lotto NZ’s discretion and Lotto NZ reserves the right to stop the Service to that player.  The Player may be charged the reasonable costs of additional responses.

      Termination of the Service by Lotto NZ

    27. Lotto NZ reserves the right to stop the Service to all or any Players at any time. Lotto NZ will make best efforts to inform Players of the decision to terminate the Service.
    28. Liability

    29. The Player is responsible and liable for any Purchase Request coming from the mobile telephone number registered on their MyLotto account.   Lotto NZ is not liable if another person responds with a Purchase Request from the registered mobile number.
    30. Lotto NZ accepts no responsibility for misdirected, late, incorrect or inaccurate texts or for any other human error, technical malfunction, or any failure of any telephone network software or equipment.
    31. Lotto NZ accepts no liability for the misuse or illegal use of a mobile telephone number while using the Service. Lotto NZ does not endorse or encourage the use of mobile devices in illegal or dangerous situations.
    32. Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act

    33. Registration for the Service will be deemed to be consent to receive electronic messages for the purpose of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 (the "Act").
    34. Players who register for the Service agree to waive the requirement in section 11 of the Act which requires commercial electronic messages to contain a functional unsubscribe facility.  
    35. Privacy

    36. Lotto NZ may collect and use your personal information for the purpose of providing the Service, and in accordance with our Privacy Policy: https://mylotto.co.nz/legal-and-privacy- policies/privacy-policy/. You have the right to request access to and correction of your personal information (where such information is readily retrievable) by contacting Lotto NZ.
    37. Player information is only shared with third parties used to provide the Service and will not be used for any other purpose than providing this Service or communicating with you about the Service.
    38. General

    39. These terms are governed by and construed in accordance with New Zealand law.