Lotto and Sport NZ team up to support local sport makers

Lotto and Sport New Zealand are teaming up in a new partnership to recognise and reward the volunteers, or sport makers who make sport happen all over New Zealand. The three-year partnership was announced tonight at the New Zealand Sport and Recreation Awards in Wellington.

“This new partnership with Lotto will support the 750,000 sport volunteers nationwide, who enable everyone to be able to take to a field, court or turf in their sport,” says Sport NZ Chief Executive, Peter Miskimmin.

“The partnership will build on the great work that’s already being done by our partners throughout the country to support and acknowledge our wonderful volunteers who are the lifeblood of sport and literally make sport happen in our communities.”

“Sport NZ is the largest lottery grant recipient and for the past 25 years Lotto profits have gone into helping the sporting community. We’re delighted to build on this relationship by supporting local sport makers through a wide range of initiatives, including the distribution of over $1 million worth of merchandise to volunteers over the next three years” says NZ Lotteries’ Chief Executive, Wayne Pickup.

To launch the new partnership one volunteer was recognised at the Awards as Sport Maker 2013, accepting the accolade on behalf of all New Zealand sport volunteers who collectively give 50 million hours of their time annually.

Lin Tozer, who is one of the main driving forces behind the Manawatu Ice Breaker Aquatics’ swimming club in Palmerston North, was chosen as Sport Maker 2013 because of her ability to inspire those around her through her passion, energy and commitment to volunteering. 

These qualities came through loudly in regional volunteer award nominations for Lin.   One such nomination described Lin as ‘out of this world amazing’, in recognition of her contribution towards coaching, administration and fundraising for the club.

“This award came as something of a shock but I’m delighted to receive it on behalf of sport volunteers around the country, and of course for my own Ice Breaker Aquatics’ swimming club. It’s fantastic that Lotto and Sport New Zealand will be recognising and rewarding thousands of other sport volunteers just like me, because some appreciation does go a long way,” says Lin Tozer.

Lin’s swimming club will also benefit.  The club will receive a range of sports equipment to help carry on its good work - as will thousands of other clubs, with over $1 million of merchandise and resources distributed to sport volunteers and their clubs over the next three years.  

New Zealand’s 17 Regional Sports Trusts will be central to the partnership, which will amplify the work they do in their own regions to support, recognise and grow their volunteer bases.

The partnership also represents the first initiative to be announced as part of a new Lotto Volunteer Foundation, which will see reward and recognition programmes developed across a wide range of community organisations.

“Lotto already supports New Zealand communities through the distribution of profits through the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board. Volunteers are the backbone of sporting and community organisations and we are excited about developing initiatives to actively support them through the Lotto Volunteer Foundation,” says NZ Lotteries’ Chief Executive, Wayne Pickup.

Background information:

 About Lin Tozer

  • Lin Tozer is a mum and works full time, yet five nights a week she coaches children at her swimming club.
  • Her commitment to those she coaches extends to sending emails and texts to parents about their children’s progress.
  • She’s Race Secretary and is heavily involved in club fundraising.
  • She’s on Swimming Manawatu’s committee and is a regional selector, an official timekeeper and Inspector of Turns.

 About the partnership to recognise and support sport volunteers

  • The partnership will commence on 1 July, 2013.
  • Lotto and Sport NZ will collaborate on a significant multi-channel campaign which will lift the profile of sport volunteers, and provide volunteering resources to all sport sector partners.
  • Initiatives include the distribution of over $1 million worth of merchandise to volunteers over the next three years, advertorials recognising volunteers, an e-thank you card campaign and volunteer programmes undertaken through the Regional Sports Trusts.
  • will showcase the partnership, sport volunteers, resources and initiatives.

About the fit between the parties involved in the partnership

  • Lotto has supported the NZ sports community for over 25 years through the distribution of profits by the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board.
  • Sport New Zealand leads, enables and invests in sport on behalf of the government and is the biggest recipient of lottery grants, receiving $35 million this year which will be redistributed out to sports organisations throughout NZ.
  • Regional Sports Trusts work in partnership with Sport New Zealand at a regional level to strengthen and increase sport and recreation participation, and to promote volunteerism.
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