Rumbling stomach leads Northland family to Lotto win

Following your gut has a new meaning for a Northland woman who won $500,000 with Lotto First Division on a ticket she got while picking up a snack to appease her growling stomach last Wednesday.

“I was feeling a bit peckish so I thought I would stop in and get a quick snack while passing through town,” said the winner

“When I saw the Lotto store I thought ‘oh it’s Wednesday, I must get a ticket’.”

It wasn’t until a couple of days after the draw that the winner was prompted by her husband to check her lunchtime purchase.

“My husband came home from work and said ‘did you hear someone in Maungaturoto won Lotto First Division, you didn’t get a ticket did you?’”

“I thought ‘hang on a minute, I did actually’. I then rushed to my hand bag and got my ticket out and checked it on the Lotto NZ App, where it made a funny sound, and I thought ‘oh my God, could this be real?’” said the winner.

“My husband and I then jumped straight onto the computer to check the results on MyLotto.

“I was calling out the numbers and he was holding the ticket – his hand was shaking and I think we must have checked it at least a half a dozen times.

“I think the kids knew something was up, as we were running around the place all excited,” laughed the winner.

“I just kept saying ‘Are you sure? Are you sure?’ Then when we finally knew for sure we were the winners, we both turned to each other said ‘no more mortgage!’

“It was such a special moment.”

With the winnings now safely in the couple’s bank account, the first priority is to pay off their mortgage.

“To be able to pay off our mortgage is huge for us. It just gives us financial freedom to do the things we want to do.

“We also want to surprise the kids. We are not sure how yet, but it’s certainly going to be a fun Christmas.”

The winning ticket was sold at Tony’s Stationery & Lotto in Maungaturoto on Wednesday 23 November.

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