Playing Responsibly

Our job is to raise money for the community. We do this through exciting, innovative, and safe gaming, delivered with total integrity.

Our community benefit funding model and our established history means we are seen as a safe source of large scale community funding, and our games are regarded as fun or a harmless flutter.

Lotto New Zealand has developed a Responsible Play Code of Practice and a companion leaflet, 'Have Fun and Play Responsibly', to maintain the credibility and integrity of its operations, games and retail network.

The Code of Practice is a guide for responsible service delivery by our retail network. It reflects Lotto New Zealand's functions as outlined in the Gambling Act 2003, which includes maximising our profits subject to ensuring the risks of problem gambling and under-age gambling are minimised.

The Health Promotion Agency (HPA) has developed the Choice Not Chance campaign that encourages New Zealanders to think about the harms associated with problem gambling, who is affected by problem gambling, and what the consequences are for communities. For more information, please visit the campaign website.


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