Team Play

Share the dream and play as a team

A lottery syndicate is a different way to play Lotto – it’s a great way to share the excitement of a Lotto draw as you play with friends, family or workmates.

Everything you need to know about playing as a team is outlined here, including everything from how to set up your team, right through to deciding how you will share any winnings.

How to set up your team

1. Recruit your team members. You might like to send an email out to your family, friends or workmates to see who is interested.

2. Choose what type of ticket you want to play.

3. Choose a captain – this is the person who collects the money, keeps track of who has paid and buys the ticket(s).

4. Create your rules and ensure you keep them up to date. Keeping accurate
records helps to ensure that you have fair and fun play.

5. Decide how you’ll spend the prize if you WIN BIG!

There are many different ways you can play:

Once you’ve all agreed how you want to run your team, you’ll need to work out what sort of tickets you want to buy. There are plenty of options for you to choose from:


This is a random selection of numbers and there are a range of options you can choose from.

Buy a dip

Pick your own

You can choose your own numbers on a standard coupon.

Pick your own numbers

Combo 8, 9, or 10

You can either choose your own numbers or play a Dip. Combos are available for both Lotto and Lotto Powerball in-store at anyLotto store.

Find out more


Check out some teams who are already cashing in and sharing their dream!

Masterton ‘team’ scoops $36 million

Masterton ‘team’ scoops $36 million

A Masterton family team, made up of four women across three generations, won a huge $36 million prize. The prize was shared equally by the four families. The team, who called themselves ’Irish Luck’ won by playing their own lucky numbers which were chosen by the family members. The winning team was made up of a great grandmother, two sisters who are a nurse and a bakery worker, and a full time mother.

New Plymouth office workers win $1 million

A team of New Plymouth offices workers who had been playing together for around four years won $1 million with Lotto. The team was made up of six women and two men and the whole group were together when they found out just how much they had won. The group all planned different things to do with their share of the $1 million prize, but all agreed that the first thing they’d do was shout the whole office morning tea.

What happens if we haven’t received payment by a member before the draw?

You may like to have a rule that someone else in the group will cover the member, or if they don’t pay they won’t have a share in that draw’s ticket.

Whose name should we put on the back of the ticket once it has been purchased?

We recommend that you write your team name and the names and phone numbers of two team members’ on the back of the tickets as soon as it’s been bought. That way, if you’re lucky enough to win a prize over $1,000, Lotto can go through the details with more than one person.

Where will the ticket be kept once purchased?

We recommend that a photocopy of the ticket is given or emailed to each syndicate member ahead of the draw. Please black out the serial number and barcode on these copies.

Remember to think of a safe place to keep the original ticket as it’s the only one that can be validated for prizes.

How should we pick our numbers?

An easy way to play with your team is for everyone to each pick one number. Or, if you want to play random numbers, simply divide the cost of the ticket you wish to play by the number of people in your team.

Can I play Combo online?

Due to the MyLotto spending limits, it is not possible for Combo tickets to be bought online. If you would like to play Combo, then please visit your local Lotto store.

What happens if we win?

Decide who will be responsible for claiming any prizes you may win. It will be up to them to take your winning ticket into a Lotto store to claim the winnings.

If you win under $1,000, the prize will be paid to this person in cash. It then up to you to decide what to do with your winnings – you might decide to treat the office to lunch, enjoy a meal out as a team or put the winnings towards a new ticket for another chance to win the big one!

If you win over $1,000, your nominated person will need to complete a Prize Claim Form at a Lotto Store which be sent to Lotto NZ for payment.

The law requires Lotto NZ to pay the prize to the ticket holder only – we can’t pay out prizes in a group or syndicate’s name. So, if your team is lucky enough to win a major prize, it will be up to your captain to arrange payment to the team members.

Can I be part of a Commercial Team?

No, Commercial Teams are not permitted – a ticket purchased by or on behalf of a Commercial Team is void and ineligible for a prize. A Commercial Team means a syndicate in or for which a person:

a) Obtains direct or indirect financial gain for forming, conducting, assisting in forming or conducting, or promoting the syndicate; or

b) Advertises, by any means, that he or she will receive money for the syndicate.

What happens if someone wants to leave the team?

You may like to decide if you will increase each remaining member’s contribution or find a new member to replace them.

Disclaimer: Lotto New Zealand and its retailers has no responsibility or liability for the organisation, management, or operation of any syndicate.

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